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Should The Worlds Best Known Character Turn Green


World leaders, governments and communities talk about the environment and the importance of saving the planet and now a campaign has been started on the internet to turn the worlds best known character Father Christmas Green.

The website has launched a poll where people can vote to keep Santa Red or turn him Green.

The poll is going worldwide where people can vote directly from their mobile phones.

People voting in the poll automatically receive a Free Gift of a 60 Page eBook SIMPLY GREEN Back Yard Fun for Families which is aimed providing families with lots of low cost activities in their own environment and using the backyard as an environmental and life skills classroom.

Ron Smith Santa's Little Helper behind the campaign said the poll has been launched coming into Christmas a time of consumerism to get people thinking about green gifts and recycling which all have an impact on the environment.

He said," the free SIMPLY GREEN Backyard Fun For Families eBook complements the idea of Santa Going Green.

" We are hoping to see political parties around the world announce their policy on "Santa Turning Green"

In the USA we would hope newly elected President Obama will declare a Green Santa for the Whitehouse Christmas party and in Australia given the debate over environment a Green Santa would be a perfect option for all sides with cross bench support given the Green Santa's free gift is for all Australian families. .


PS Santa was orginally Green check out why he was changed to red just google why was Santa made red

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Santa’s outfit may be up for change , one tradition remains safe as he appears on the site sitting in a comfortable big chair with the traditional milk and biscuits he is greeted with in homes around the world.


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